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Self-care/ Wellness/Fitness/Dance for all abilities.

Children's Classes

Specialty Classes- 50+

Virtual and in person classes 

Uniqua Simmons is a Certified Fitness Practitioner and Wellness Coach. She offers Fitness/Wellness/ Dance classes to heal, strengthen, and help to improve your quality of life and well-being.

"Take the Work Out of the Workout"

Uniqua Simmons


Summer  is here!  Wellness and dance classes for your enjoyment and healing


For specific class information 

Contact Uniqua Simmons

(718) 915-5357

*Afya Afro Jazz * Movement* Functional 

* Adult * Older Adults* All Abilities * Children

*Special Needs

Raising Vibrations in the Community

Join us in an afternoon of Dance, live music, storytelling.  Audience will learn a community dance together.

DanceSense Wellness

Let's get together for An Afya Afro Jazz experience

an open level class of Ethnic, Jazz, and Contemporary Dances.

"Take the Work Out of the Workout"

Join us May 21, 2022

At the Dance Parade. 

 Parade starts 

12pm from 20th  Street Broadway

DanceSense Wellness 

is teaching an Afya Afro Jazz dance class at 4:00pm at the DanceFest's Teaching stage.  Northwest corner of Tompkins Square  Park near Avenue A & East 10th Street

Let's Take the Work Out Of the Workout! 

Dances for Healing and Peace

Open level Class, beginners welcome

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2022 Spring & Summer 


"The Wellness Queendom"

On going Wellness and Healing classes for Women.

*Open level 

*Queens 50+

* Intermediate/Advanced

For class schedule


DanceSense Wellness

DanceSense Wellness

Fitness and Wellness for your  Mind, Body, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual wellbeing 

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DanceSense Wellness


My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S.

Create some Art and join us in a Movement Wellness Class


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Fitness and Wellness for all abilities

Afya Afro Jazz

DanceSense Wellness

Dances for Healing and Peace   

Eclectic Butterfly Dance Theater

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