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Enjoy a Bundle of Wellness

Fitness & Wellness & Art

Let me help you create a personal wellness program for you and your family.

Heal and  Enjoy with the Mental Health benefits of Fitness, Wellness, and Art.

Sessions start-$85

 Uniqua Simmons- 

Certified Fitness Practitioner

Teaching Visual Artist

(718) 915-5357

The Wellness Queendom

Join me in the Wellness Queendom. Movement , Dance, Functional Exercises, Increase Flexibility, Meditation

What are the  mental health benefits of Fitness and  wellness?

*Release Stress* * Helps increase and maintain bone density

*Helps improve the quality of your life and health * Helps tone and firm muscles * Improve your endurance

On line Class $20/ 60 minutes 

Uniqua Simmons- Certified Fitness Practitioner

(718) 915-5357

DanceSense Wellness

Afya Afro Jazz

See you at the Block Party!!!

59 Nagle Avenue

DanceSense Wellness will have an information table on Wellness/ Fitness.  We can help you with your personal Wellness goals.

Afya Afro Jazz presentation at 1pm on stage.  Join us in this open level class. Enjoy and create an experience of personal Self-Care in motion!

Wear your favorite colors, bring Hip scarves, or anything positive that makes you happy!

DanceSense Wellness

Join us May 21, 2022

At the Dance Parade. 

 Parade starts 

12pm from 20th  Street Broadway

DanceSense Wellness 

is teaching an Afya Afro Jazz dance class at 4:00pm at the DanceFest's Teaching stage.  Northwest corner of Tompkins Square  Park near Avenue A & East 10th Street

Let's Take the Work Out Of the Workout! 

Dances for Healing and Peace

Open level Class, beginners welcome

DanceSense Wellness

Fitness and Wellness for your  Mind, Body, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual care.

Follow us on instagram @ afyaafrojazz 



to receive a complimentary  DanceSense Wellness class 


My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S. class

DM  or email or which class interests you.

Come visit our tables  at the Expo

DanceSense Wellness


My Art M.A.D.N.E.S.S.

Create some Art and join us in a dance class.

  follow us on instagram @ afyaafrojazz and get a complimentary wellness class card for a Dance, Body  Conditioning ,  stretch , 

Senior Wellness, Dances for Healing and Peace

All Rights Reserved DanceSense Wellness 2021

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